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1st & 2nd cycles: ULg list
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Main courses:
  1. Digital Business: computer science for Business Engineers
  2. ERP solutions for supply chain, Master, 2nd year, Business Engineers
  3. Business Analytics and machine learning
  4. SAP: mastering a leading management system (competence portfolio), Master, Management Eng. and Sc.
  5. Marketing Analytics
  6. Data scientist: preparation to the SAS SCYP certification
Introductory lecture on Digital Business:
Virtual Reality
Explore HEC Liège trough virtual reality.
Watch the video below on youtube, click in the picture and move your mouse to discover what happens around the camera!
(on your mobile, use your gyro to move around)

Or look at the bottom of this page to explore the HEC building through 360° pictures!
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Click on the keyboard arrow to display the next photo sphere
Download the full 360 photo sphere for your VR gear: Hall, back, Room 050

Former courses:
  1. eBusiness and eCommerce
  2. Optimising IT Resources and KM, MBA, Management School
  3. Introduction to computer science for social sciences
  4. DataBase Management Systems
  5. Management Information Systems
  6. Research Global Seminar, Master, 2nd year, Management Sc. and Eng.
  7. Each year, at least one course in another university: Luxembourg, Lebanon, Vietnam...
Some resources:Links to some resources used in some of my courses
Some former activitiesMediaLab-developing web information systems

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